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LMI Liquipro 4-Function Bleed Valve Assembly



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The LMI Liquipro 4 function bleed valve is installed on the top discharge port of Liquipro pumps. It is commonly used as a degassing valve on LMI metering pumps pumping sodium hypochlorite.

The 4 function bleed valve replaces the standard 3 and 4 function valves that are used on pumps that do not require a degassing valve.

Designed for use with LMI's Liquipro Series of pumps, the B4FV is used to handle off-gassing chemical such as sodium hypochlorite. The valve allows gases to escape without causing the metering pump to lose prime. These bleed valves are constructed of PVDF for great durability and excellent chemical resistance. Four functions includes pressure relief, priming aid, line drain, and back pressure for anti-syphon function. The bleed screw allows an adjustable amount of solution to be pumped back to the tank with each stroke. This allows gas and air to escape without air or gas locking in the pump head.
The LMI four function bleed valves are still available in 1/4" (part # 36389) and 3/8" (part # 36390) sizes.



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