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Shop Cleanflow for Industrial Drive Belts and Flexible Machine Drive Couplings. We offer competitive pricing and free shipping* for popular sizes of D & D Global Industrial Drive Belts.

Drive Belt models include:

  • Type A: Sizes A20 - A55

  • Type AX: Sizes AX21 - AX55

  • Type B: Sizes B35 - B75

  • Type BX: Sizes B35 - B75

  • Type C: Sizes C50 - C90

  • Type CX: Sizes CX51 - CX90

  • Type 3VX: Sizes 3VX350 - 3VX850

  • Type 5VX: Sizes 5VX450 - 5VX800 

  • Type 3L: Sizes 3L200 - 3L400

  • Type 4L: Sizes 4L250 - 4L450

  • Type 5L: Sizes 5L300 - 5L500

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