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Replacement Bladder Size Chart

 Bladder Flotec Tank Simer Tank Berkley, Myers, Prosource Tanks Diamond Tanks
U20-7 FP7100, FP7100H HT7-03 PS15-S02, PS15H-S05 500104-01
U20-8 FP7110 VT19-02 PS19S-T02
U20-9 FP7120 VT36-04 500203-01
U20-10 FP7125 VT52-04 PS50-T50 500250-01
U20-13 FP7110T VT14-04, VT20-04, HT20-01 PS30-T01, PS42-H90 502105-01, 500201-01, 500202-01
U20-14 FP7130 VT96-04 PS62-T51 500302-01
U20-20 FP7135 VT99-02 PS119-TR50


Please note: If your tank model number is not shown, do not order a bladder and attempt to make it work. The bladder may become stressed or damaged. Due to the nature of this product, bladders are not returnable.


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