Excelpure 20" x 4.5" OD Big Blue Pleated Polyester Water Filters - 20 Micron



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Excelpure 20" x 4.5" OD Big Blue Pleated Polyester Sediment Filters are cleanable and reusable. They provide an increased surface area for higher flow rates with lower pressure drops. These 20 micron pleated water filters conform to NSF and FDA standards.

Synthetic filter media is bacteria resistant and free of binders or additives which may cause foaming. Eco-friendly Washable & Reusable. These water filters fit any brand of 20" long Big Blue filter housings, including Waterite, Harmsco, GE Osmonics, Flomatic, Clack and Watts.

Fits all 20" BB, or Big Blue filter housings that accept 4-1/2” diameter cartridges

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