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30 Gallon Stationary Universal Spill Kit


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This 30 gallon drum kit keeps its contents protected in a waterproof container. The grey sorbent pads and socks are universal, which means they will absorb both petroleum products and chemicals. This drum kit is ideal for in-plant use, out in the shop, service stations, or anywhere else spills may occur.



15" x 17" Universal Spill Pads 75
3" x 120" Universal Sorbent Sock 4
Drain Cover, 36" x 36" 1
Nitrile Gloves, Pair 2
Safety Goggles, Pair 2
Disposal Bag, 26" x 36" 5
Caution Tape, 3" x 300' 1
Microporous Coveralls, X-Large 2



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