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1-1/2" Black Dragon Fire Hose Assemblies with Instantaneous Ends | 50' & 100' Lengths



Black Dragon is a unique hose which combines the "single wall" features of PVC discharge hoses (lightweight, easy to coil, compact construction) with the abrasion resistance and temperature range of rubber.

Black Dragon Hose incorporates an oil and chemical resistant nitrile rubber compound. The ribbed cover reduces dragging friction to make handling easier and to further reduce wear. Black Dragon is an excellent value when both long-term durability and easy handling are considered. Black Dragon is our highest quality, most robust fire hose assembly. Temperature Range: -30°C to 70°C.

Instantaneous fittings are made of aluminum. Ends are interchangeable (there are no male or female hose ends). Connections between hoses are made with a simple quarter turn, allowing multiple hoses to be laid out and quickly joined. Aluminum fittings have the advantage of light weight.
Black Dragon Rubber Industrial Hose Assemblies w/ 1.5" Instantaneous Ends are available in 50' and 100' lengths.




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