Hach HQ11d Portable Meter Kit with PHC101 pH Electrode


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The Hach HQ11d meter connects with standard or rugged smart pH probes that automatically recognize the testing parameter, calibration history, and method settings to minimize errors and setup time. The durable portable meter and optional probes are designed to withstand years of rugged portable and field use. HQd meters feature a simple user interface that does not require manuals or training to operate.

The Hach Intellical PHC101 pH Electrode is a digital combination pH electrode with built-in temperature sensor. PHC101 has low maintenance needs thanks to a non-refillable gel-filled single open reference junction. The laboratory version of this pH electrode is shockproof with its epoxy plastic body protecting down to the glass bulb sensing element. The PHC101 electrode is ideal for measuring pH in wastewater, drinking water and general aqueous applications. The PHC101 is not suitable for use with organic solvents or samples with pH less than 2.

Meter kit includes HQ11d meter, standard PHC101 gel-filled pH electrode with 1 meter cable,  4 AA batteries, quick-start guide and basic user manual.


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