Mars Model F2394038WH Fire Hydrant Water Flow Test Kit | 2-1/2" Western Canada Thread


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    Fire Departments and insurance companies need to know that the municipal fire hydrants are in good working condition and are being regularly tested to meet their requirements. The Mars Model F2394038WH Fire Hydrant Water Flow Test Kit can test and verify the flow and pressure from municipal fire hydrants.

    Each Mars Model F2394038WH hydrant test kitincludes a 2-1/2" barrel with the pitot tube already properly positioned in the waterway. This provides the most accurate fire hydrant flow and pressure readings and eliminates all problems associated with handheld pitot units. The test kit also includes a flow diffuser to prevent damage to the surrounding landscape from the high pressure water scour that could occur during full flow hydrant testing.

    The Mars Fire Hydrant Water Flow Test Kit easily measures hydrant flows between 608 - 1851 GPM at 10-40 PSI range.
    Each fire hydrant test kit comes complete with 2-1/2" WCT (Western Canada Thread) thread adapter. Other fire hydrant thread adapters are available.
    Each test kit is contained in a rugged foam padded storage case.







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