LMI Liquid Level Switches for 35 and 50 Gallon Chemical Tanks



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LMI Liquid Level Switches provide low level chemical metering pump protection. The Liquid Level Switch device has two 115VAC receptacles. The chemical injection pump plugs into one of the receptacles, and a 115 VAC alarm (i.e.: horn or light) will plug into the other receptacle. 

When the tank is empty, the pump receptacle will de-energize and the metering pump will stop. At the same time, the alarm receptacle will become energized, activating any visual and/or audible alarm device that is plugged into it.

The LMI Liquid Level Switch assembly is corrosion resistant. The switch assembly housing is made of glass reinforced polypropylene, and the float tube is PVC. The liquid level switch assembly has pilot lights for pump on and for low chemical liquid level.


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