Pelsue SolarShade Floating Work Tent


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The Pelsue Floating Work Tent is designed as a portable shelter for situations where traditional work tents aren't practical. This new tent design requires only a smooth clean surface for setup, making it perfect for tight spaces such as those found on telecom equipment cabinets.

For shade or protection from inclement weather, the Floating Tent has you covered. Thanks to the design of the suction cups, its possible to attach the unit to surfaces that aren't perfectly flat, such as the side of work vehicles and trucks.

WIth roll up sides, it functions as both an umbrella and a four sided tent depending on your needs. Like all Pelsue tent products, the tent material is fire/UV/water resistant and made in USA. The suction cups used are pump operated for a strong hold.

  • Adjustable support with 3 joints to ensure versatility in any location. Includes two hinge joints, and a ball joint at the top.
  • Four roll down sides, can be rolled down to 60", 30", or completely rolled up.
  • Zippers at each corner for entry and exit.
  • Velcro clasps hold each side up when not in use.
  • Dual pump operated suction cups, with hold indicator on pump.
  • Mesh carrying case.
  • Top dimensions 42" x 42"
  • Tent side length 60"


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