ProMinent 1001061 GALA PVC / EPDM Auto-Degassing Vent Valve Assembly


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Prominent PVC / EPDM auto degassing vent valve 1001061 fits auto-degassing beta and gamma/L pumps with clear acrylic PVC liquid ends: 1601, 1602, 1005, 0708, 0413, 0220 and 1605. The PVC/EPDM materials of construction are suitable for most water treatment chemicals including sodium hypochlorite.

During pump operation, this vent valve should allow a very small amount of chemical plus any chemical gasses to be rerouted back to the solution tank. Normal flow through this valve is minimal; excessive or no flow through the vent return line indicates that this valve requires service or replacement.

Prominent Vent Valve Assembly 1001061 consists of the PVC discharge valve body and all internal parts, including ceramic balls, EPDM ball seats and EPDM sealing gasket. 1/4" or 1/2" tubing connector set is not included.


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