Schonstedt GA-92XTd Extendable Magnetic Locator


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The Schonstedt GA-92XTd Extendable Magnetic Locator is the most portable magnetic locator ever made.

The Schonstedt magnetic locator detect the magnetic fields of all ferromagnetic objects - property markers, manholes, septic tanks, well casings, valve boxes, curb stop boxes, cast iron pipes, steel drums, unexploded ordinance - up to sixteen feet below the surface.

The Schonstedt GA-92XTd Locator:
  • Extends for greater sensitivity, retracts for portability and storage
  • One handed operation
  • Audio output - increases or decreases with signal strength (gradient field intensity). Frequency range 30 to 4000 Hz
  • Visual output - expanding digital bar graphs indicate polarity (positive or negative) and signal strength. Range - 0 to 500 mG (milligauss)
  • 4-segment LCD battery indicator (unit is powered by one 9V battery - 24 hrs life)
  • 3-level volume - muted, medium, maximum
  • 4-level LCD gain - Low (L), Medium (M), High (H), Extra High (XH)
  • Water resistant length - 11.5" (only when operated in open position)
  • Overall length: Open - 26", Closed - 15.5"
  • Rugged cast and holster included
  • Made in USA
The Schonstedt GA-92XTd Extendable Magnetic Locator has a 7 year manufacturer's warranty.


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