Showa NSK24 Nitrile Chemical Resistant Biodegradeable Glove - 14" Length (Pack of 12 Pairs)



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  • 100% Biodegradable nitrile coated with cotton interlock liner
  • Double nitrile coating provides excellent chemical, oil and abrasion resistance
  • Nitrile protects the hand from oils, hydrocarbons and grease penetration
  • Cotton liner absorbs perspiration and adds comfort
  • The rough textured finish ensures excellent grip
  • No natural rubber allergy risks
  • 14" long
  • Rough grip
  • 21 CFR 177.2600 / FDA compliant for direct food contact
  • Sold per pack of 12 pairs

SHOWA's gloves with Eco Best Technology (EBT) are engineered for accelerated biodegradation in biologically active landfills. Independent certified laboratories performing long-term landfill biodegradation testing according to ASTM D5526-12 reported that Showa's gloves with EBT achieved 82.0% biodegradation in only 386 days, while gloves without EBT achieved only 1.9% biodegradation over the same period of time. These results may not be indicative of future biodegradation.

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