Tigerflex EPDM Sewage Suction Hose Assemblies (w/ Male X Female Camlocks)


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Step 2: Select Hose Length

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Tigerflex EPDM Hose Assemblies with CxE Camlock connectors are ideal for pump suction & discharge hoses, as well as for sewer truck vacuum service. Tigerflex Tiger Green TG Series EPDM Hose Assemblies provide the ideal combination of light-weight, flexibility, durability and chemical resistance. Tiger Green TG was tested and was shown to be up to 22% more flexible than other brands of hoses, especially in sub-zero weather.

Easy slide helix - rigid helix design protects hose tube from cover wear, and allows hose to slide easily over rough surfaces and around corners, making this hose very easy to handle. Convoluted outer cover provides increased hose flexibility. Cold Flex Materials ensure the hose remains flexible in sub-zero temperatures.

Tigerflex Tiger Green TG Series EPDM Hose Assemblies come assembled with male and female aluminum camlock connectors.
 Hose Size
O.D. Working Pressure Vacuum Rating Bend Radius
1" 1.40" 65 PSI 29" Hg 2"
1-1/2" 1.93" 50 PSI 29" Hg 4"
2" 2.51" 50 PSI 29" Hg 5"
3" 3.60" 45 PSI 29" Hg 7"
4" 4.70" 40 PSI 29" Hg 11"
6" 6.85" 30 PSI 28" Hg 20"


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