Veraflow-1 | Water Meter Calibration Instrument


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Verify water meter accuracy to within 0.5% by connecting to the customer’s garden hose bib. Quickly resolve customer complaints without ever removing their water meter. Certified 3rd-Party Meter Testing with NIST-Traceable Accuracy

The VF-1 is a precision microprocessor-based test instrument designed to:

  • Verify residential water meter accuracy to within 1/2 of 1% by merely connecting the instrument to the customer’s hose line.

  • Check both static and flow pressure at the residence. If any blockage exists, this data will indicate which side of the meter the problem is on.

  • Measure actual flow rate to within 1/10 GPM.

  • Serve as a rate of flow indicator, line pressure gauge and comparison tester for small meter shops not equipped with a full test bench and calibrated tanks.

Operation: Pulse signals generated by the turbine flow sensors are magnetically transmitted to the microprocessor, then computed into U.S. Gallons, Cubic Feet, or Liters and shown on an easily read LCD display.



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