Stainless Steel Crimp PEX Fittings: The Ultimate Choice for Plumbing Efficiency

Stainless Steel Crimp PEX Fittings: The Ultimate Choice for Plumbing Efficiency

Are you familiar with stainless steel crimp PEX fittings? As an industry first, Plumb-Eeze produces crimp type connection stainless steel PEX fittings, which are certified to the NSF-61 standard for potable water and ASTM-F1807.

Until now, brass and poly PEX fittings were the mainstays of the plumbing industry. But with the increasing popularity of both PEX plumbing and Stainless Steel alloys, our stainless steel PEX fittings and valves offer a superior alternative.

Even better, we offer multi-packs of 90° elbows, tees, couplings, and crimp rings, providing you with significant savings while ensuring your plumbing needs are met.

Let's delve into the applications, features, and benefits of these innovative stainless steel PEX fittings. We'll also compare them with traditional brass and poly PEX fittings.

Our Diverse Range of Stainless Steel PEX Fittings

The range of Plumb-Eeze stainless steel PEX fittings includes:

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Diverse Applications for an Array of Industries

Premium stainless steel crimp PEX fittings are perfect for an array of residential and commercial plumbing applications. They are ideal for everything from large condos in bustling cities to water systems powered by ground well water in rural locales.

But their use extends beyond typical water system plumbing. You can find our stainless steel fittings in specialty applications, including hydronic heating systems and even the maple syrup industry.

Features and Benefits of Plumb-Eeze Stainless Steel PEX Fittings

Corrosion Resistant

Our 304-grade stainless steel offers impressive corrosion resistance, making it a superior choice for highly acidic and challenging water conditions. Unlike high zinc, yellow brass PEX fittings, stainless steel doesn't suffer from dezincification.

Low Friction Loss

The unique sweep bend 90° elbow design of our fittings significantly reduces turbulence and friction loss. Unlike traditional brass elbows, which can lead to high friction loss and reduced flow due to their "Square Corner," our sweep bend elbows enhance flow rates in the PEX system.

Enhanced Flow Rates

Our stainless steel fittings allow for a larger flow passage, delivering a 23 to 36% greater flow area through the fitting compared to poly PEX fittings. This means that less system pressure is needed to achieve your desired flow rate, providing better flow through your PEX pipe installation.

Durability that Withstands Time and Stress

Stainless steel is incredibly strong and able to withstand higher mechanical stresses. It is up to twice as strong as brass, and far stronger than poly materials, making it suitable for higher pressures and temperature variances.

Extended Warranty

While the typical warranty on PEX fittings extends up to 25 years, Plumb-Eeze stainless steel crimp PEX fittings come with a 30-year warranty. When used and installed correctly, our fittings promise a very long life.

Chemical Compatibility

304 stainless steel is compatible with a wide range of chemicals, making these fittings an excellent choice for transferring a variety of chemicals in special applications. They're suitable for use in hydronic heating systems using anti-freeze, with a glycol pH level between 8.0 and 10.0.

Enjoy Savings with Our Multi-Packs

We understand the importance of value without compromising on quality. That's why Plumb-Eeze offers multi-packs of premium stainless steel PEX fittings, providing you the opportunity to purchase 90° elbows, tees, couplings, and crimp rings in bulk. These multi-packs allow for substantial savings and ensure that you have what you need for your plumbing projects.

Why Choose Stainless Steel?

In a nutshell, Plumb-Eeze stainless steel crimp PEX fittings offer superior durability, longevity, and corrosion resistance. They also provide superior flow rates and are versatile enough for use in a wide array of applications. Compared to brass and poly fittings, our stainless steel PEX fittings are twice as strong and have an extended lifespan. Choose stainless steel for your next installation for peace of mind and superior performance.