Drain Cleaners and De-Icers

From unblocking drains to dealing with frozen pipes, we stock a wide selection of field-proven drain cleaners and equipment that will make light work of any drainage problem. Cleanflow is a Canadian company and has always been family-owned and operated. We have chosen only products that will give the best results when used in your line of work. Order today and get free shipping on orders over $199 on applicable items.

Closet and Canister Augers

A clogged toilet or urinal calls for dependable and high-quality closet and canister augers. These handheld devices are just the job when it comes to clearing clogs and dealing with stubborn blockages. Built to get up close and personal with the blockage, augers can reach where a snake can't and will have the problem clear in no time.

Drum Machines

When you need long-distance reach that will get a blockage clear in no time, our drum machines give you long cable runs and are able to clear stubborn blockages within moments. Easy to maneuver and operate, every one of your service vehicles should be loaded with one of these essential systems.

Pipe Freeze Protection Cable

Stop pipes from freezing in domestic and commercial buildings with our range of pipe freeze protection cable products. This simple, low-cost solution consists of a pipe thermostat fitted to a pre-terminated fixed resistance heating cable.

Sink Machines

Find powerful, versatile, and compact sink machines in our range that effortlessly clean sink, shower, and tub blockages. The lightweight construction and design of these machines make it easy to maneuver them into small spaces. We carry a wide selection of sink machines, including electric drain guns and kinetic water rams.

Steam Thawing Machines

Thaw out frozen pipes quickly with our range of steam-thawing machines. In our range, you'll find steam devices designed to thaw plumbing or sewer lines, septic tanks, rain gutters, culverts, sewage truck vales, and much more. We also offer a range of parts and accessories, including hose assemblies and propane torch kits.

Water Jetting Machines

At Cleanflow, we carry a wide selection of water jetting machines designed to clear the most stubborn of clogs and blockages in the field. From electric and gas engine jetting machines to spray wands, nozzles, and hose assemblies, we're your one-stop shop for dependable drain cleaners and equipment.

Water Service Line De-Icers

Shop our range of water service line de-icers and make light work of frozen water pipes. We also stock a wide selection of accessories, including de-icer tubing, probe tips, probe feeder assemblies, and water line freeze protection systems.

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