Facility Equipment

From air movers and cleaning machines to utility fans and yard equipment, Cleanflow has your needs covered when it comes to facility equipment. We're a family-owned and operated Canadian company and we welcome new customers from every industry. When you are looking for best-in-class, industry-approved products, you'll find everything you need in our range. From construction to healthcare, we supply equipment to a wide selection of clients and we'd be delighted to help you find the right facility equipment to suit your needs. Place an order for over $199 today and get free shipping.

Air Movers

In our range of air movers, you'll find everything you need to keep your work environment safe. We stock a wide selection of air movers, filter kits, duct hoses, and low-profile air movers. From accelerating drying processes to safely removing toxic fumes, our air mover products are the trusted solution for any work environment.

Air Scrubbers

When you need professional air scrubbers that are proven to get the best results, we stock a huge selection of systems. Our range includes air scrubbers, HEPA and mesh filters, and activated carbon filters.

Cleaning Machines

From keeping the shop floor presentable and safe to clearing excess water away from work areas, our selection of cleaning machines has a system to suit every environment and need. These are machines designed to take care of any mess and are some of the best in their field.


From building drying to humidity control, our field-proven commercial and industrial dehumidifiers will give you outstanding performance. Our range of systems offer features such as automatic purge pumps, large capacity tanks, and automatic speed control.

Fogging Machines

When you need cleaning power on an industrial level, you need the power of our fogging machines. Our range offers a selection of machines with different capacities. From applying disinfectants and insecticides to sanitizing and deodorizing, these machines are built to last and offer supreme results.


When you can't afford for the power to go down, you need our range of superior generators. In our collection we offer a wide selection of options, including silent invert generators, open frame generators, and industrial engine generators.

Hand Truck and Carts

Make light work of heavy lifting jobs across your work environment with our range of hand trucks and carts. From hand trucks to folding flat platform carts, we have your needs covered.

Utility Fans

From air movers and air circulator utility fans to sealed motor axial fans, our range of industrial utility fans offers exceptional power and performance. Browse our selection and choose quality products that stand up to the rigors of the most challenging of environments.

Wetdry Vacuums

Get superior cleaning power for a wide range of surfaces and clean-up jobs with our selection of wetdry vacuums. In the range, you'll find some of the most trusted wetdry vacuums from leading brands like DeWalt. We also stock essential accessories, such as cartridge filters, hoses, and attachments.

Yard Equipment

From landscaping to clearing sites ready for construction, our range of yard equipment offers a broad selection of tools and machinery. In the range, you can choose from brush rovers, brush cutters, compactors, trenches, grinders, dumpers, and diggers.