Pipe Inspection & Locators

Cleanflow is your one-stop-shop when it comes to field-proven quality parts, tools, and accessories for plumbing and waterworks professionals. As a 100% family-owned and operated Canadian company, we work hard to protect our reputation by choosing industry-proven brands and products that won't let you down in the field. Our pipe inspection and locators range includes everything you need for the job at hand, including leak detectors, locator accessories, marking products, and camera locators. We offer free shipping on orders over $199 on applicable products.

Camera Inspection Systems

View pipe blockages and damage from the surface on your smartphone or tablet with one of the latest camera inspection systems from our range. We offer a wide selection of inspection systems from leading names in the industry, including sewer and drain cameras, pipe inspection and location systems, and digital handheld pipe locators.

Ferromagnetic Locators

In our range of ferromagnetic locators, you'll find all you need for fast and accurate pipe location. Detect the magnetic fields of any ferromagnetic object, including manholes, septic tanks, valve boxes, steel drums, etc. Find all of your ferromagnetic location devices here. We sell extendable magnetic locations, metered locators, and basic metallic cover locators.

Laser Levels

We stock a wide selection of rugged and accurate laser levels capable of handling a broad spectrum of elevation control applications. In our range you'll find all you need, such as laser receivers, rechargeable batteries, chargers, laser grade rods, tripods, automatic levels, measuring rods, and laser level bundles that contain all you need when you're out in the field.

Leak Detectors

Make light work of detecting leaks with our range of leak detectors. We stock a selection of economical and efficient tools that can be used to pinpoint water leaks in commercial and residential lines.

Locator Accessories

In addition to our range of pipe inspection and locators, we offer a varied line of locator accessories. We've got hard and soft carry cases for pipe inspection and location equipment, transmitter connector kits, headsets, soil probes, and more.

Marking Products

Mark and label facility pipework using our range of marking products. Our clearly visible and easily identifiable markers include wire pin flags, marking sticks, whisker flags, and spot markers.

Pipe and Cable Locators

We stock pipe and cable locators designed to accurately detect where pipes are located. In our range, you'll find complete pipe and cable locator systems, and individual receivers and transmitters.

Pushrods and Sondes

Locate blockages and trace non-metallic pipes and conduits with some of the best pushrods and sondes available to plumbing and waterworks professionals. Make us your first choice when you need pipe inspection systems and accessories.

Sonde and Camera Locators

Our selection of sonde and camera locators are approved and trusted in the field and offer pipework and waterworks professionals with accurate and efficient trace information from the surface.

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