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Heavy duty dirt and grime call for heavy duty cleanup, and Cleanflow's selection of quality pressure washers put that supercharged cleaning power in your hands...literally. Whether you operate a pressure washing business, need to clean up job sites and work equipment, or want professional results on home DIY projects, Cleanflow has the washer model for your needs.

Cleanflow understands the significant role that parts and maintenance play within your industry. Aside from pressure washers, Cleanflow also stocks commercial-grade accessories like high pressure hose assemblies, quick connect fittings, detergents, and more.

Gas Engine Pressure Washers

Our industrial-grade gas engine pressure washers have the ability and power to accompany you on any outdoor or industrial job site, while supplying the elbow grease for the most daunting cleanups. Cleanflow is proud to offer gas-powered washers by Simpson, one of the best brands in the industy. From 3000 to 5000 PSI, these models are designed and built to withstand the toughest cleaning tasks, time after time.

Electric Pressure Washers

Professional-grade electric pressure washers are best suited for around-the-home jobs, where an electric power source is available. Simple to operate and handle, these models work quietly and effiently. Perfect for a residential power washing business or small business maintenence, these electric pressure washers are an ideal cleanup solution for decks, porches, siding, etc.. Cleanflow proudly stocks electric power washers by DeWalt, a well-respected powerhouse brand for the utility and construction industries.

High Pressure Hose Assemblies & Quick Connect Fittings

At Cleanflow, we understand no two cleanup jobs are alike. This is why we stock an extensive range of high pressure hose assemblies. Durable yet flexible and lightweight, our hose assemblies deliver the versatility and resistance to tackle the dirtiest jobs. We also offer an impressive selection of quick connect fittings that accomodate the most common size pressure washer equipment.

Pressure Washer Accessories & Detergents

Cleanflow's stock of pressure washer accessories and detergents can help you get the most from your pressure washer. When commercial-grade detergents join the high-pressure water power, dirt and grime doesn't stand a chance. Our line of pressure washer accessories allows you to customize the water flow dispensed by the washer. Since dirt likes to hide in the tightest spots, our spray guns, nozels, and swivels ensures all the crevices, angles are reached.

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