Cleanflow offers a wide selection of heaters from trusted industry-leading brands. These are systems that are endorsed by the professionals that use them and which offer dependable performance when and where it is needed the most. We've selected some of the best heating systems, including radiant heaters, box heaters, indirect-fired heaters, portable electric heaters, and more. We're a Canadian family-owned and operated company and take great care when choosing the products for our range. Spend over $199 on applicable items and get free delivery.

Box Heaters

Cleanflow stocks an extensive selection of box heaters, each designed to circulate heat efficiently and warm workspaces effectively.

Convection Heaters

The convection heaters in our range allow you to heat your space at an affordable price. We sell propane convection heaters and industrial convection heaters in a selection of BTU ratings and sizes.

Direct-Fired Heaters

Browse our range of direct-fired heaters for industry-leading heating systems that go the distance no matter where they are used. Our range offers a selection of high-performance systems including forced air direct industrial heaters, remote thermostats, ducting, and duct adapters.

Forced Air Heaters

Get dependable heat when and where you need it with our selection of forced air heaters. You'll find all you need in our range, including kerosene, propane, and natural gas industrial forced air heaters. We also stock convection kits, vertical vent kits, horizontal vent kits, and more.

Indirect-Fired Heaters

Shop the selection of indirect-fired heaters here at Cleanflow and get the most efficient and dependable heating systems and accessories for your space. We stock Heatstar propane and natural gas indirect heaters, diesel and oil indirect heaters, Frost Fighter indirect heaters, ducts and recycle systems, adaptors, and more.

Portable Electric Heaters

We offer a range of mobile and convenient portable electric heaters perfect for many applications and field requirements. From our portable garage and shop heaters to construction heaters and baseboard heaters, we have your heating needs covered in whatever industry you are in.

Radiant Heaters

We only sell the highest quality and trusted radiant heaters. These are heaters designed with heavy-duty use and challenging environments in mind. In our range, you'll find propane radiant heaters, radiant oil-fired construction heaters, high-intensity radiant heaters, glass-fronted radiant heaters, and more.

Stationary Electric Heaters

Featuring patented components, and trusted in work environments in multiple industries, our range of stationary electric heaters offers exceptional performance. We stock a wide selection of heaters in different outputs and sizes.  

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