Safety Equipment

Choosing the right safety equipment is paramount for the protection of human life and your reputation. No matter what industry you are in, quality, dependable, and compliant safety equipment is one of the best investments you can make for your business. At Cleanflow, a family-owned and operated Canadian company, we pride ourselves on carefully selecting the products that are proven to give optimum results in the field.

Confined Space Monitors

Confined spaces present a number of risks and challenges, not least exposure to toxic gases and fumes. That's why we stock a wide selection of products to make working in these spaces as safe as possible. From confined space monitors to calibration gas, we have everything you need right here.

Confined Space Ventilation Equipment

We stock a broad range of confined space ventilation equipment. Designed to protect personnel from exposure to harmful gases, fumes, vapors, or the lack of oxygen, this equipment is a necessity in any enclosed or confined space. Our confined space equipment range includes products from trusted brands that meet the necessary safety standards across many industries.

Fall Protection Equipment

We specialize in providing premium quality height safety products that mitigate this risk while allowing personnel to carry out their tasks. When working at height, whether out in the open or within a construction site or shaft, it's critical to have the right fall protection equipment in place. Without it, there is a very real risk of a potentially lethal accident or fall. From fall arrest harnesses to fall arrest blocks, our fall protection products are designed to help you minimize the risk of accidents and meet your legal obligations.

Tripod and Winch Systems

In our safety equipment range, you'll also find the best in industry-leading tripod and winch systems. If you need to enter confined vertical spaces, such as underground tanks or sewers, or get below gratings and decks, a tripod and winch will ensure personnel can be lowered and raised safely and securely. Made from lightweight but strong aluminum, the tripod and winch products in our range can be easily transported and set up quickly when and where required.

Work Tents and Shelters

We also offer a wide selection of work tents and shelters in our safety equipment range. If you have teams working outside, or you need storage for machinery and materials, we offer tents and shelters in a variety of sizes and configurations. Built from strong and durable frames, these products can be set up quickly and will withstand the elements all year round.

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