Genesol 704 Alkaline Powder Membrane Cleaner | 25 Kg


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Genesol 704 is a general-purpose membrane cleaner for an extensive range of organic based foulants found in Reverse Osmosis and Nano-Filtration membrane systems. Genesol 704 is also effective against aluminum silicate, which can be difficult to remove with conventional cleaners.

Genesol 704 is considered as Dangerous Goods for shipping purposes, and is identified as a Corrosive Solid, Basic, Inorganic, NOS (Sodium Hydroxide), UN 3262, Class 8, Packing Group II.It requires specific documentation and labeling, and has limits on the available shipping methods.

Genesol 704 is sold per 25 kg (60 lb) container.
Please note: Chemicals are not available for free shipping. Please call / e mail for a freight quote.


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