LMI B1 Chemical Metering Pump | Standard & Auto Degassing Models


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Choose from (8) LMI Series B1 chemical dosing pump models (see table below). LMI Series B1 chemical metering pumps are designed for economical chemical injection and are chemically compatible with all standard water treatment chemicals including chlorine. LMI Series B1 chemical metering pumps have two control dials - one for manual stroke and one for speed adjustments.

The clear LMI see-thru acrylic pump head provides a clear view of the diaphragm operation and chemical flow through the pump.

LMI Series B1 chemical feed pumps come complete with instructions, foot valve, ceramic weight, injection valve, four function discharge valve and chemical tubing. Pumps are 120VAC. LMI Series B1 chemical dosing pumps are NSF & cUL approved.
Note: LMI Auto Degassing Pump Models ending in HI are specially designed to handle off gassing chemicals such as chlorine that can cause air locking. They have an additional valve on the pump head that automatically returns a small amount of chemical and chemical gas to the solution tank with each pump stroke.
LMI Pump Model Maximum Gallons Per Hour / Day
Maximum Pressure (PSI) Tubing Size
B111-D90HI  Auto Degassing
1.4 gph / 33.6 gpd
150 3/8" OD
B111-490SI Standard 1.6 gph / 38.4 gpd 150 3/8" OD
B121-D90HI  Auto Degassing
2.3 gph / 55.2 gpd
100 3/8" OD
B121-490SI  Standard 2.5 gph / 60.0 gpd 100 3/8" OD
B131-D60HI Auto Degassing
4.0 gph / 96.0 gpd
50 3/8" OD
B131-460SI  Standard 4.5 gph / 108 gpd 50 3/8" OD
B141-D10HI  Auto Degassing
6.8 gph / 163.2 gpd
30 1/2" OD
B141-410SI  Standard 7.0 gph / 168 gpd 30 1/2" OD




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