Flotec FP0F360AC Cyclone Water Removal Utility Pump


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The Flotec FP0F360AC Cyclone Water Removal Utility Pump is perfect for transferring or removing unwanted water from aquariums, shallow puddles, rain barrels or non-draining sinks.

The Cyclone Pump comes with a garden hose suction screen assembly that can help to remove water to 1/8"

Key features of the Cyclone Pump are:
  • Multipurpose pump designed for emergency dewatering, draining aquariums, waterbeds and clogged sinks.
  • Self-priming at 8-10 ft. vertically.
  • Maximum discharge head of 43'
  • Maximum capacity of 350 GPH.
  • Corrosion-resistant, compact and portable.
  • Male garden hose thread on both suction and discharge sides of pump.
  • 115 VAC, 1/12 HP with 6' 3 prong grounded plug.


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