Flygt 6200900 Submersible Pump Lifting Grip Eye


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The Flygt 6200900 Grip Eye is a forged submersible pump lifting accessory constructed of wrought alloy steel. Also known as a chain grip, the Flygt Grip Eye works with 9/32" Flygt galvanized pump lifting chain, and has been tested to a maximum load of 2600 lbs.

The Flygt 6200900 Pump Lifting Grip Eye can be used to remove any brand of submersible pump from a lift station without the need for confined entry procedures.

To Use:
  • Connect the small eye of the Grip Eye to the end of the electric hoist cable.
  • Slip the Flygt 9/32" pump lifting chain through the large end of the Grip Eye.
  • Keeping the 9/32" pump lifting chain taut, use the electric hoist cable to lower the Grip Eye down the taut chain until it reaches the pump. The Grip Eye will not grab a taut chain.
  • Slackening the pump lifting chain will allow the Grip Eye to securely grab the pump lifting chain.
  • Once the Grip Eye has grabbed the pump lifting chain, use the electric hoist to lift the pump from the pit.
  • Flygt Grip Eyes are designed specifically for Flygt 9/32" hot dipped galvanized pump lifting chains. Grip Eyes are not warrantied if other chains are used.

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