Hach Wastewater Treatment Plant Laboratory Model STPL-WRT


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Hach Wastewater Treatment Plant Laboratory Model STPL-WRT provides simple measurements for wastewater treatment plant operators, all in one complete set. This portable wastewater treatment laboratory includes necessary reagents/equipment to test for temperature, pH (4-10), sludge settleability, settleable matter, dissolved oxygen, and chlorine (0-3.4 mg/L).

The kit includes seven reagents, measuring tube, bottle, brush, clippers, viewing tubes, stoppers, color comparator box, copper siphon tube, thermometer, BOD bottle, Imhoff cones and stand, rubber tubing, cylinder, color discs, instruction sheet, and carrying case.

Approximately 100 tests.
Some reagents in this kit may be considered as hazardous under certain shipping conditions. We will contact you for approval if additional shipping costs are required.

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