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ITC Dual Temperature 10 Piece Heat Gun Kit


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ITC's dual temperature heat gun kit features dual heat setting and fan speeds as follows:

Blowing Speed / Air Temperature

  • Low : 400 litres/min (14.1 cu.ft/min) / 375°C (700°F)
  • High: 550 litres/min (19.4 cu.ft/min) / 495°C (925°F)

Includes the following nozzles:

  • Window Nozzle - deflects to prevent panes of glass, etc. from overheating
  • Reflector Nozzle - for soldering pipes or shrink-fitting shrink sleeves
  • Focus Nozzle - for a focused jet of heat
  • Reduction Nozzle - for a less focused jet of heat
  • Paint Scraper - for stripping paint
  • Shavehook Scraper Handle - with 3 attachable blades
  • Durable blow-mould case

Meets cUL requirements.



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