Jet Air-Seal Sewage Treatment Aeration Diffusers | 1/2" NPT


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Jet Air-Seal Sewage Treatment Aeration Diffusers are clog free, bottom discharge diffusers that use a trapped bubble of air to keep wastewater out of the air pipes. Each Air-Seal diffuser can handle up to 12 CFM.

  • Diffusers have 1/2" diameter pipe threads.

  • Diffuser measures 5" diameter by 4-1/2" high.

Streams of air passing through Jet AIR-SEAL Diffusers are first broken up when passing through the sectioned orifice. Next, the rubber diaphragm blown aside by the force of in-rushing air continues breaking up the air stream. Finally, notches at the base of the diffuser break the air into still smaller bubbles giving a greater surface area for more contact with the wastewater. This greater bubble surface area transfers much more oxygen to the wastewater than larger bubbles do. The end result is high oxygen transfer efficiency and mixing action giving a smooth, even, fast aeration process.


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