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King Electrical 120V Self Regulating Heating Cable Assemblies


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King Electric Pre-Assembled Self Regulating Pipe Trace Heating Cables are ready to use for pipe freeze protection and roof & gutter de-icing applications. King pre-assembled heat trace cable is assembled with a 30 inch grounded 120 volt plug one one end and an end splice on the other end. This heating cable is suitable for use on metal and plastic pipes, as well as metallic and non-metallic gutters and downspouts.

The heat output (wattage) of the heating cable increases and decreases automatically based on changes in the pipe or gutter temperature. This self regulating feature ensures maximum energy efficiency because the cable regulates heat output on it's own, increasing energy output only when it is needed to prevent pipe freezing. No thermostat is required.

King Electric Pre-Assembled Self Regulating Pipe Heat Trace Cable is rated at 6 watts/foot at 40°F for pipe freeze protection, and is rated at 8 watts/foot at 32°F for roof & gutter de-icing.


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