LMI Roytronic PVC / EPDM Foot Valve Assemblies


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The LMI Roytronic PVC / EPDM Foot Valve Assemblies are available in several different models to fit LMI chemical metering pumps with Roytronic liquid ends that use the yellow ferrule style connection kits.

The LMI foot valve assembly assists with maintaining pump prime. It should always sit vertically and fully submerged in the chemical tank. The foot valve assemblies consist of a ball check valve assembly and a suction strainer. An EPDM O ring on the top of the foot valve seals the foot valve assembly to the appropriately sized tubing and tubing connection kit.

The PVC and EPDM foot valve materials of construction  are compatible with most chemicals, including sodium hypochlorite. An appropriate sized tubing connection kit can be ordered separately.
LMI Roytronic foot valve assemblies are available in four different sizes to accommodate the different chemical flow requirements of a variety of pump sizes.
 Foot Valve Number Use with LMI Liquid Ends
48718 920, 928, 930, 938, 940, 948
49099 D50, D58
49100 D10, D18, D60, D68, D90, D98
49718 910, 918




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