Long Round Hole Suction Strainer



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Long Round Hole Suction Strainers are slim and long for use in narrow or confined openings. The design is generally no wider than the hose itself. The long plated steel strainers are popular when pumping from ice covered water supplies.

Made from zinc plated steel. The open area of 50% allows removal of damaging debris while still maintaining adequate flow. Strainers are threaded with standard pipe thread.

 Size Strainer Hole Size Diameter Height
1-1/2" Strainer 3/8" 2.25" 6.50"
2" Strainer 3/8" 2.75" 6.63"
3" Strainer 3/8" 3.88" 9.63"
4" Strainer 3/8" 4.88" 9.63"


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