MSA Altair Multigas Detector / Confined Entry Monitor


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MSA Altair 4X Multi-gas Detector / Confined Entry Monitor continuously monitors your confined space atmosphere for toxic and explosive gasses that may be present, and alerts you when these levels are abnormal.

MSA Altair Multi-gas Detector checks for LEL (Lower Explosive Limit), CO (Carbon Monoxide), H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) and O2 (Oxygen Concentrations).

A rugged housing provides unsurpassed durability, including the ability to survive a 20-foot drop. And with large, glove-friendly buttons and a high-contrast display, the Altair 4X is easy to operate in any work environment, even low-light conditions. It features MSA XCell sensors which have a typical life of more than four years, double the industry average.
Exclusive MotionAlert and InstantAlert features make the Altair 4X ideal for applications such as confined space monitoring. The MotionAlert feature activates when a user becomes disabled and motionless, quickly alerting others to the disabled user’s location. And with a simple push of a button, the InstantAlert feature enables users to manually alert others to potentially hazardous situations.




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