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Pulsatron Pulsafeeder VTC KOPkit Pump Maintenance Kits


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Pulsatron Pulsafeeder VTC KOPkit (Keep On Pumping) kits contain all the necessary parts to quickly and easily completely rebuild the liquid end of your Pulsafeeder Chemical Metering Pump. KOP Kit ordering codes are conveniently located on the pump nameplate.

The materials of construction of VTC KOP kits are:

(K) Pulsafeeder

(2) (3) (4) (5) or (6): Pump Head Size

(V) Head Material: PVC

(T) Seats Material: TFE

(C) Balls Material: Ceramic

(1) or (3) Connection Type: (1) 1/4" OD tubing or (3) 3/8" OD tubing

Each KOP Kit includes: instructions, pump head, diaphragm, machine screws, suction valve set, seal set, and tubing connector set.


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