SJE 316 Stainless Steel Chain, 1/8"



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The SJE 316 Stainless Steel Chain is used in conjunction with a SJE lead free mushroom anchor for suspended pump control float switch installations in sewage lift stations and pump pits.

The SJE stainless steel chain is attached to the SJE lead free mushroom anchor. Pump control float switches are then attached to the suspended stainless steel chain / anchor assembly with plastic cable ties at the required elevations for pump on and off control. This prevents the float switches from striking the walls in pits with turbulent liquids. It also prevents multiple float switch cables from becoming entangled with each other.

Chain is grade 316 stainless steel for optimum corrosion resistance. The chain is 1/8" thick.
The SJE 1/8" 316 Stainless Steel Chain is available in 15 foot and 25 foot lengths.




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