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Split One Piece EPDM Sure Flex Coupling Insert


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Sure-Flex couplings utilize an EPDM thermoplastic flex element to transmit torque from an electric motor to a pump, blower, compressor, mixer or fan.

Sure-Flex couplings absorb shock, vibration, misalignment, and end float. They are an excellent choice when low cost, high flexibility, vibration damping, and easy installation are primary concerns.

Split one piece construction Sure-Flex couplings are commonly used as a replacement component to avoid moving the motor or pump for installation of a solid insert. Split inserts have all the strength and features of one piece models.
One piece split construction Sure-Flex couplings are made in USA and are available in the following models / sizes:
  • 4JES: 2.95" diameter x 0.98" thick
  • 5JES: 2.95" diameter x 1.26" thick
  • 6JES: 3.74" diameter x 1.89" thick
  • 7JES: 4.33" diameter x 2.17" thick
  • 8JES: 5.08" diameter x 2.52" thick



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