Wilkuro Natural Rubber Safety Overshoes with Back Strap



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Wilkuro Natural Rubber Safety Overshoes with Back Strap adapt to all types of shoes and provide a temporary toe protection to help make your workplace safe. They are ideal for casual or temporary workers, warehouse or factory visitors, salespeople, executives and any other persons entering an area where foot protection is required.

  • Fits over ANY TYPE of footwear including high heels and flat shoes. It is perfect for all your visitors

  • Non-slip and flexible sole.

  • CSA attested steel toe protector.

  • Stays in place thanks to the natural rubber back strap.

  • Stretches for a better adjustment.

  • Lightweight and ergonomic, it is comfortable to walk with.

  • Practical, easy to store in a small space.

  • Easy on / off design.

  • Color coded toe caps for quick size selection.

  • Made for men and women.

 Wilkuro Size Fits Shoe Sizes
Small (White)
4 to 7
Medium (Yellow)
8 to 10
Large (Red)
11 to 14


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