Bio Jet 7 Ammonia Away | 1 Gallon Container | Case of 4



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Bio Jet 7 Ammonia Away is a blend of 100% nitrifying bacteria specially formulated to reduce ammonia and nitrite in wastewater. Bio Jet-7 Ammonia Away's select microorganisms are highly oxygen sensitive, requiring relatively high aerobic condition to achieve maximum growth rates.

Use BioJet 7 Ammonia Away to quickly achieve and maintain nitrification and to reduce ammonia levels in waste treatment processes. BioJet 7 Ammonia Away works especially well in wastewater treatment plants that use Aluminum Sulfate to reduce phosphorus levels by quickly re-establishing nitrification in the final clarifiers.

BioJet 7 Ammonia Away performs best when the wastewater system is slightly basic in pH, capable of high buffering capacity and highly aerated.
BioJet 7 Ammonia Away is available in a case of (4) 1-gallon containers.


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