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Bio Med Wash Sterile Eye and Skin First Aid Wash | 7 oz (210 ml)



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Bio Med Wash is a sterile, heavy mist containing an all-natural, pH correct pure tissue-culture grade of water. Great for immediate first aid eye wash and irrigation and also washing dirt from cuts and lacerations. BioMed wash is is a tool that helps workers get to a proper eye wash station that can provide the required 10-15 minutes of continued flow of water treatment.

  • Bio-Med Wash removes irritating chemicals from eyes and skin.

  • Washes dirt and other contaminants from cuts and lacerations.

  • Provides immediate and easy treatment before reaching proper emergency stations - especially useful for workers out in the field.

  • The cutting-edge bag-in-can system insulates the solution against heat and cold extremes, and ensures that the treatment solution is not affected by aerosol propellants.



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