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BioJet 7 Bacterial Wastewater Treatment Supplement | 5 Gallon Jug


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BioJet 7 is a wastewater treatment liquid bacterial supplement that is added to wastewater treatment plants, sewage lift stations, septic tanks, sand filters, sewer lines, commercial grease traps and sewage lagoons.

BioJet 7's (7) patented bacteria strains quickly degrade detergents, fats, oils and greases that accumulate in pipes, manholes and lift stations. Continued small daily doses prevent grease accumulation problems from reoccurring to keep pipes, float switches, pumps and cables clean and grease free. Excessive solids, odors and grease accumulation problems are reduced / eliminated.

No dangerous chemicals to worry about - Bio Jet 7 is approved for lift station degreasing and other wastewater related applications by the USDA. It is non-toxic and non corrosive, and will not damage equipment or harm the environment.


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