Economy Cast Iron Foot Valve with Strainer for 1.5" to 6" Trash Pumps



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The Economy Cast Iron Foot Valve with Strainer is a lighter weight version of our standard foot valve. It has a has a rubber flapper valve to prevent the pump from losing its prime when shut down. These foot valves are installed onto the suction hose end that is in the liquid being pumped.

When the pump is operating, the flap valve opens, allowing water to enter the suction line. When the pump stops pumping, the weight of the water in the hose forces the flap valve to close, thus keeping the suction hose full of water. The built in suction strainer helps keep foreign objects from entering the pump during operation.

Foot valves are most often used on diaphragm pumps, gas engine trash pumps, dewatering pumps and other pumps that use suction hoses longer than 15'.
Economy Cast Iron Foot Valves with Strainers are available in sizes from 1 1/2" to 6". They have female NPT threads.


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