Vulcan Hoist

Flygt 13430006 Vulcan Model C Hand Operated Pump Lifting Chain Hoist


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The Flygt Model 1343006 Vulcan pump lifting chain hoist works with Flygt 9/32" galvanized pump lifting chain to remove Flygt submersible pumps from pits.

The Flygt Vulcan Pump Lifting Chain Hoist has a plated steel hand chain and a swivel top hook with a safety clasp. It is normally used in conjunction with the Flygt Pump Lifting Davit.

Simply feed the loose end of the pump lifting chain into the bottom of the pump lifting hoist. Once one end of the pump lifting chain has been fed into the Vulcan hoist, continue operating the pump lifting hoist until the pump is completely out of the pit.
Maximum chain hoist capacity is 1650 lbs.


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