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General Pipe Cleaners

General Pipe Cleaners EasyReach | 32" | 60" | 72' | 96" | 120"



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General Pipe Cleaners EasyReach is sensitive enough to pick up small screws and washers, yet strong enough to pick up a five pound rock. The locking trigger feature lets you grab and lock on to objects without further trigger pressure.

You'll find dozens of uses for this labor-saver, like cleaning traps and manholes of rocks and debris, grabbing objects from hard to get at places, and changing light bulbs. 

The EasyReach is made of extruded aluminum and stainless steel to be durable and corrosion resistant. Two thermal plastic rubber caps open 4-1/2" to grip nearly anything. 60", 72", 96" and 120" lengths fold for more convenient storage.



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