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John Guest Speedfit Acetal Check Valve | 1/4" | 3/8"



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John Guest Speedfit Acetal Check Valves are suitable for low density and high density polyethylene and many other plastic tubings, as well as copper, brass and soft metals. These fittings are not suitable for hard or chrome plated metals, or for explosive gasses, fuels or corrosive chemicals.These quick connect fittings meet FDA standards and are NSF listed.

The Speedfit Acetal Single Check Valve ensures protection against reversal of flow. The low headloss design and fast installation time make the valve the ideal selection. The valve is designed for use with liquids, it is not suitable for air and vacuum applications.

Connect and disconnect tubing without tools. These quick connect fittings have stainless steel teeth for extra gripping power, Acetal bodies, and Nitrile O-rings. These tube connecting fittings have a temperature range of -20C to 70C and pressure ratings from full vacuum to 100 PSI @ 70C.
To Install:
  • Cut the tubing square and remove burrs that could damage the O ring
  • Make sure the tubing is free from nicks and scratches
  • Push the tube into the fitting till it hits the stop
  • Pull the fitting back to make sure it is secure.
  • Test the system
To Remove:
  • Release system pressure
  • Push collet back squarely against the fitting body
  • Remove tubing


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