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The K1 Series Intrinsic Ice Cleats offer all of the design benefits of the Original K1 Mid-Sole models with the added benefit of an internationally-recognized intrinsically safe certification that prevents against sparking caused by electrical and thermal energy in volatile environments. We understand that using soft metal studs, such as brass, is simply not enough to keep your team safe around hazardous, flammable materials. That’s why we have worked to develop our ice cleats to an internationally-maintained intrinsically safe standard. The K1 Mid-Sole Intrinsic Ice Cleats have become a mainstay in oil & gas, chemical, wastewater and agricultural applications.

When working in an area where combustible material is present, it is essential to take steps to minimize the risk of ignition. Intrinsically safe personal protection equipment, tools and devices are designed to be incapable of producing the electrical and thermal energy required to produce heat or sparks sufficient to ignite an explosive atmosphere. To guarantee protection against sparks caused by electrical energy, the K1 Series Ice Cleats work as part of a system of intrinsically safe equipment including ESD footwear and tools. Intrinsically safe technology is a requirement for environments with concentrations of flammable gases, dust or fibres.

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