Robar Double Section 5626 Series All Stainless Repair Clamps


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Robar Double Section Style 2 All Stainless Pipe Repair Clamps provide a simple and economical method of repairing holes or breaks in water mains. Choose from 12" or 16" length clamps.

Installation Tips:

Repair clamps are designed for pipeline repairs, not for joining two plain end pieces of pipe.

Clean the pipe over the entire circumference where the clamp is to be installed. Ensure that there are no pebbles or dirt on the pipe or clamp gasket. Lubricate the entire clamp gasket with an NSF approved pipe lubricant.

A minimum of 4" of clamp is recommended beyond each side of the repair area. A small hole can be drilled at each end of a crack to prevent it from spreading.

Tighten the nuts evenly and incrementally. Start in the center and move outward. Torque each nut to 80 ft lbs.

The pressure rating of the repair clamp is influenced by the type of repair, extent of damage, condition of pipe, environmental conditions and installation workmanship.

 UL listed meeting NSF-61 and AWWA C230.
Repair Sleeve Size  Fits Pipes with OD
4.45" to 5.25"
6" 6.40" to 7.20"
8.40" to 9.20"
10.70" to 11.50"
12.70" x 13.50"




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