Magikist Pulse Jet Frozen Water Pipe De-Icing Machine


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The Magikist PJDX-C Pulse Jet Frozen Water Pipe De-Icing Machine provides the safest, most effective method for thawing frozen water service lines, without the fire risk associated with other thawing methods. This industrial quality frozen waterline thawing machine can be used on plastic, copper and iron service lines. Stainless steel water reservoir holds 9 gallons. A 120 Volt immersion heater pre-warms water.

Flow/Pulse control allows the operator to select between high pulse to feed the tubing down the line, or maximum flow to allow for maximum thawing. Probe tip is self-feeding and self-centering to assist in moving tubing down water line. An extra long return hose returns water to the reservoir for heating, and allows the unit to be operated at a distance from the water line. The assembly includes a valve for controlling water return to reservoir.

Completely self contained one person operation. Compact design allows unit to be moved up and down staircases by just one person. Pneumatic wheels allow for easy movement over any surface.

TEFC electric motor operates from standard 115V outlet. High quality pump has bronze and stainless steel wetted parts. Comes complete with reel, 100 feet of 5/16" red tubing, and a probe tip.

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