LMI Roytronic 4 Function Valve Assemblies


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LMI Roytronic 4 Function Valve Assemblies are highly recommended optional safety and performance enhancing discharge valves for LMI pumps. Many LMI pumps come equipped with these valves, but they can also be easily retrofitted on most pump models. The four functions are:

  1. Anti-Siphon - The discharge flow path goes through a port that only open on the discharge stroke of the pump. This prevents the discharge line from siphoning liquid from the supply tank in most applications

  2. Back Pressure - The diaphragm that controls anti-siphoning creates approximately 20 PSI back pressure on the pump's discharge check valve which improves performance.

  3. Pressure Relief - A second diaphragm protects the pump from over pressure by releasing fluid to a relief port in the event of excessive discharge line pressure. Select either the 150 PSI or 250 PSI valve that is closest to your pumps maximum pressure rating shown on the pump label.

  4. Pressure Release - This function makes it easy and safe to depressurize the discharge line without loosening tubing or fittings.



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